Who can take part

Our excursions are suitable for every age range, with a minimum age limit of 3 years old. We ask you to inform us about motor disabilities (with some assistance we already had persons in a wheelchair for example) or cardiovascular diseases at the time of booking.

About children, we really really love to offer fabulous family adventures! We strongly believe that a respectful experience with wild dolphins in their own environment and underwater life when snorkeling, may positively influence your child’s future attitude and choices toward wildlife and natural resources.

You have to know that there are always risks involved in being on a boat, and those risks can be higher with a younger child. There's a minimum age limit of 3 years old because in case of boat accident a child of 3 can understand the directions of its parents and probably it can have some swimming experience. As parents, we trust that you know and are competent to decide what is appropriate for your child, and are able to provide for their safety. The little child will need to be within arm’s reach of the parent at all times, including in the water.

Also, consider the temperament of your child and that if the little one is happy and content, then so will you be. However, if unhappy, so will you (and everyone else onboard) be! Only you will know if this will be a good experience for yours.


It depends on the term of pregnancy. We have had many pregnant women on board with us in the past without incident! If you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, we usually suggest checking with your doctor prior to come on board just to be safe.

Seasickness can manifest itself differently in different individuals and therefore depends on a case by case.

Ask for advice when booking and, based on the weather forecast, we could give you some useful information in choosing whether to participate or not.

For those suffering seasickness, three prevention tips on all before boarding:

- AVOID alcohol the night before getting on the boat. At breakfast time, AVOID milk, juice, oranges, coffee and sweet foods (say goodbye to croissants, cream donuts and jams). Have a “salty and dry” breakfast an hour before the tour is starting: saltine crackers, rusks, toasts, sandwiches without sauces;

- bring a warm garment: taking wind and cold does not help;

- there are drugs to be taken half an hour before leaving or natural remedies such as ginger root or gums and ginger candies.

Remember that you will be neither the first nor the last to be sick on our boat. Do not be ashamed and tell us immediately when you start to feel seasick: we could be of more help.