Dolphin Watching

The local bottlenose dolphins live here year-round. As we interact with dolphins in their wild state, encounters are not 100% certain. Thanks to our experience and scientific knowledge developed with the research activities of MareTerra Onlus, the chance of spotting dolphins is over 80%. Because the behavior of dolphins is complex, each sighting is an experience always unique.

In terms of chances of spotting dolphins, there are no differences between morning and afternoon.

The bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), a species inhabiting coastal waters.

During our tours, it is not allowed to go into the water in the presence of dolphins. The only reaction we would obtain is their immediate estrangement, disturbing them. Our aim is to observe their natural behavior minimizing the disturbance due to the presence of our boat (find out how at this page). During the sighting, the researchers of MareTerra NGO on board will collect scientific data useful to protect the dolphins in Sardinian waters.