Three generations of dolphins!

by Progetto Natura
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Cuccioli di delfino nel Golfo di Alghero
Cuccioli di delfino nel Golfo di Alghero

Wonderful emotions on board with Progetto Natura!

The sighting of the 23rd June bring us a good news of a baby dolphin of a few days. But also the confirmation that the waters of Alghero are used by families of dolphins, from generation to generation. How do we say that? Thanks to the photo-identification tecnique and our continuous monitoring activities, we are able to say that one of the female catalogued and named by us "Taz" had a calf called by us "Tazson" in 2011. After few years, the time necessary for weaning, Tazson began his teenage years attending groups of young dolphins. In these years she has been spotted often, becoming one of the most "famous" animal in our photo-catalog. At 6 years old, Tazson just had a newborn and we spotted Tazson with her mother Taz, who became grandmother. Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter together :)



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