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Anti COVID-19 measures
Escursioni in sicurezza

This year the world health situation due to COVID-19 outbreak requires us to have more rules to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. By respecting all these rules, we will be able to enjoy our experiences in contact with nature in peace! 

We have already resumed our dolphin monitoring activities together with MareTerra Onlus and resumed dolphin sightings in the Gulf of Alghero.

We are doing our part

We adopt an operational protocol and regulations for our excursions which respects:

  • - ministerial and regional ordinances and guidelines;
  • - the operational protocol provided by the technical-scientific committee of AIGAE (Italian Association for Professional Nature and Interpretive Guides);
  • - the indications provided by the Italian Society of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine.

To guarantee a safe workplace for our customers on board:

  1. All staff members on board carried out the serological test for COVID-19.
  2. No staff member show up for work if he/she has even one of the symptoms related to COVID-19: sore throat, flu symptoms, fever, dry cough, cold, muscle pain, loss of sense of taste and smell, difficulty breathing.
  3. We wear the mask every time is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters.
  4. We do not approach our guests less than 1 meter away, except in cases of absolute necessity or assistance.
  5. We disinfect hands and feet before boarding and sanitize used shoes only and exclusively for staying on board.
  6. We disinfect our hands often and whenever it is necessary to touch common objects and surfaces.
  7. We respect the procedures necessary for sanitizing boats and equipment with extreme care. The sanitization of the boat and equipment will be carried out after each excursion following the ministerial guidelines.
  8. We are careful and scrupulous in enforcing the regulations sent and signed by each guest, for the good of all.

We ask you to do your part too

To continue enjoying the beauty of the dolphins, we ask our guests to respect the rules that are now in daily use since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency and to follow the instructions provided by the guide on board.

You cannot participate in the excursions if:

  • - You have symptoms such as widespread pain, fever, cold, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell.
  • - You have had contact with people with Covid-19 in the 15 days preceding the excursion.
  • - You do not have all the personal protective equipment (PPE) required by the regulation that will be sent to you at the time of booking.

You are welcome on board if:

  • - You have read and signed the participation request form and the regulations that we will send you when booking via email;
  • - You have all the personal protective equipment (PPE) required:
  1. 2 Masks with CE mark (NO DO IT YOURSELF);
  2. 2 pairs of disposable gloves;
  3. Disinfectant gel (NO DO IT YOURSELF);
  4. 2 bags for sweaty/wet clothing, for your shoes and PPE you have used.
  • - Always keep the minimum safety distance of 1 meter from the other participants, wearing the mask. Sitting bollards will be positioned to help everyone stay in the places indicated.
  • - Follow the indications of the guide at all times.
  • - Use the mask correctly throughout your stay on board.
  • - You sanitize your hands very often.
  • - Do not offer/pass food, drinks, personal items to other participants.
  • - Strictly respect the snorkelling procedures.
  • - Avoid group photos.



If after the excursion (up to 14 days later) you experience symptoms associated with Covid-19 and, after analysis, find that you are positive for Covid-19, you MUST NOTICE the guide who will take care, in respect of privacy, to alert all other participants. This is a gesture of the highest civic sense, fundamental to limit further infections.

And now? Just contact us and book our tours!

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