Snorkeling means observing the underwater life swimming on the surface with fins, mask and snorkel. Guided, it means that you will swim together with our guide.

Yes, of course! You can stay on board and enjoy the sun and the seascape. Or you can swim while staying close to our boat.

For safety reasons and in compliance with the navigation code, the boat must be at a distance from the coast where the water depth is 4/5 meters. During the snorkelling, we will approach the coast in water 2 meters deep.

Our activities are also suitable for those who do not have much experience with snorkelling. Instructions on how to use the equipment and safety advice are provided on board. Do not feel embarrassed to say that you have no experience or that you do not know swim well. It's about your safety!!!

Normally 40 minutes, but also depends on the water temperature that can range from 20 ° C to 26 ° C (more details on this page).

Almost all of our guests go in the water without a wetsuit (brave people who love adventure!) But if you have a shorty wetsuit and space in your baggage, we suggest you bring it to have a better comfort in the water. Anyone who feels cold or wants to return first on board can do it under the control of our guides.

We’re sorry, but if you do not have any swimming skills, for your personal safety and the safety of the group in the water, you can't participate to our guided snorkeling.

Yes, we supply life vests and a lot of patience (both with children and adults)! If you are non confident swimmers life vests are mandatory. Ask for them to our guide.