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Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna

Progetto Natura with MareTerra Group is partner of Sardinia Ecotourism NetworkThe Network was born to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in Sardinia. It brings together all the companies that operate following the principles of ecotourism. Together and with passion, we work for:

  • ensure sustainable development of the tourism sector by contributing to the protection of nature and the enhancement of its resources;
  • spread the culture of respect for the environment by organizing activities and experiences in direct contact with nature, favouring small groups and human relationships;
  • involve local communities in our activities, increase their well-being and promote knowledge and respect for culture and traditions.

By joining Sardinia Ecotourism Network, we renew once more the principles with which we have given life to MareTerra Group and Progetto Natura: to create a future where man and nature coexist in harmony.

If you are looking for inspiration to organize your next eco-sustainable trip, visit the Sardinia Ecotourism Network website to find out more about its activities! You can also find it on Facebook and Instagram.

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