EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label certifying high environmental standards, encouraging companies to design products and provide services that respect the environment throughout their entire life cycle and it is a guarantee of reliability for the customer who wants to operate purchasing decisions in an environmentally conscious way.

An EU Ecolabelled tourist accommodation has a reduced environmental impact thanks to water and energy saving actions, waste reduction and use of less chemicals, in favours of the use of renewable resources, and promotes environmental education.

In a tourist market where consumers are increasingly focused on choosing responsible travel and willing to pay higher price for environmentally friendly resorts and accommodations, the Ecolabel certification can be a winning strategy.

Why Ecolabelling?

The EU Ecolabelled stands out at European level for the commitment and the improvement of environmental quality and let your company to get several benefits:

- More customers: Ecolabel guarantees eco-quality and well-being for tourists oriented toward environmental protection and becomes a discriminating factor in the choice of a tourist accommodation.

- Reduction of coasts and better environmental performance: after an initial investment, in the medium to long term there is a reduction in operating costs.

- Increased advertising due to the high visibility of the Ecolabel.

- Enhancing brand reputation on online reviews and booking sites (TripAdvisor,, Venere).

Progetto Natura offers consulting for obtaining the EU Ecolabel, leading companies throughout the entire certification process, accompanying it gradually in the path toward the sustainability.

The technicians who will work for you are Environmental Experts in Ecolabel trained by EMAS Ecolabel Sardinia School, recognised by the Ecolabel-Ecoaudit Committee.

We propose a check-up of your accommodation to evaluate the level of closeness to the mandatory ecological criteria of Ecolabel. This first analysis will allow us to evaluate the environmental quality of your tourist structure. The check-up requires your presence for a short visit and a talk about some technological and management aspects of the accommodation. Then, we will be able to provide further guidance on procedures and timing to obtain the label.

For more information or to book a check-up contact us.