European Project Planning and Managment

The European Project Planning is the elaboration and presentation of European projects, namely those financing proposals addressed to the European Union. It can interest both public entities (State and Local governments, including research institutions) and private entities (businesses, foundations, no-profit organizations, associations, etc.). In a time of global economic crisis, the competition to obtain European funding is strong and this make necessary the use of specialists, constantly updated on the possibilities and strategies of the European funding and able to establish national, international and institutional partnerships.

ProgettoNatura offers services regarding:

  1. Direct Funds, i.e. the fundings managed by the European Commission or delegated Agency, also known as Community Programs, with particular regard to Life Program and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

  2. Indirect Funds, i.e. the fundings managed by National, Regional or Local authority, and where the relationship with the European Commission is not direct but mediated by them.

Our main services:

- Development of effective project and creation of appropriate partnership.

- Elaboration of objectives, evaluation of coherence between mission and project in a bottom up process.

- Formal definition of the project and its planning and scheduling with the allocation of resources and appropriate tools.

- Definition of tools, methodologies and criteria for monitoring and evaluation of the project.

- Management of the relations between partners and the European Commission.

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