GIS Training

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) occupies a central role in scientific research and in the analysis and management of complex phenomenon that need real-world spatial data.

The GIS training are designed to meet the specific needs of biologists and naturalists. They are focused for students, including Ph.D. or recently graduated students, and professionals who want to learn techniques and methodologies for working in fields related to the distribution of organisms and habitat suitability models.

The course is characterised by practical exercises with both simulated data and real data to set and develop properly GIS projects in the biological field.

The course is very useful both for who have never used GIS before or who have some experience and knows the basics of GIS. However, for its practical approach, the course may also contain useful aspects for those who already use GIS on a regular basis but that need to structure and develop their own knowledge to handle particular issues.


Why choose these courses?

- If you are a naturalist, a biologist or if you are working in the EIA/SEA sector, you will benefit from a naturalist with expertise in GIS using your own language.

- You will learn to use the GIS software through guided exercises with simulated and real data from scientific researches.

- If you need to address specific issues, we can meet your needs.

- No theory or practice on GIS tools that you will never use.


Where and when

- As the courses will be planned, we will post the links on this page with all the information to participate.

- If you have personal needs, and you cannot wait for the courses, contact us and we will find the best solution together.



The prices are extremely competitive, and vary according to the number of participants, classrooms availability and type of course. For more information contact us.


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