High Quality Whale Watching
High Quality Whale Watching
How to prepare for the best possible experience?

Have you always dreamed of watching dolphins and whales in nature? Do you want it to be a wonderful experience without causing disturbance and harm to the animals? We explain what to know and what to do to experience these magnificent moments in awareness.

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Snorkeling guidato con i biologi di Progetto Natura
Summer tour: Dolphin watching and Snorkeling

This tour is dedicated to the search for dolphins. Thanks to the presence on board of the scientist of MareTerra NGO, our chance of spotting dolphins is 80%, a very high probability for such elusive animals.

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Dolphin watching eco tours Alghero
Spring & Autumn Tour: Dolphin watching

If you are a sea lover don't let the less warm temperature stop your curiosity, this tour is for you! For three hours, we search dolphins. You can participate too by learning the techniques of marine mammal observers.

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TV program "This Morning" visit Alghero with Progetto Natura
Private Charter

Thanks to our comfortable boats we have the ability to customise the tours to meet your special needs: birthday and bachelor parties, marriage proposals, romantic tour or any other event.

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land-based-tour-off road-archaeo-food
Off road tours Naturalghero
Land-based tours with Naturalghero

Sardinia is not only sea. The surroundings of Alghero are rich in nature, history, archaeology and culture.

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Environmental education for schools and universities
Educational tour for schools

Oceans collect a wide variety of environments in which they live organisms with very different forms, functions and behaviours.

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