Ask for dolphin photos

To receive the photos taken on board during your sighting, you need to subscribe to our newsletter. Once receive the photos, you can easily unsubscribe if you want.

During the sightings, we take hundreds of photos. We use them for photo identification of the dolphins and to study the size of the population and its structure. At the end of a week of sightings, the accumulated photos could even be 2,000. Before proceeding to submit your photos, the researchers need to select the best ones. This requires manual checking of all photos taken and preparing them.

During the tourist season, the researchers cannot have the time to analyze and prepare all the photos given their constant presence on the boats. Therefore, the preparation and sending of newsletters will start gradually at the end of the monitoring season in November.

As this is a gift that researchers want to give and which involves many hours of free work, we ask you the courtesy not to send personal requests and to wait patiently.

We thank you for your understanding. We are sure that receiving free professional photos of the dolphins sighted will make you relive the nice experience even after months.