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Off road tours Naturalghero

Sardinia is not only sea. The surroundings of Alghero are rich in nature, history, archaeology and culture.

The interpretive Nature Guides of NaturAlghero organise off-road, trekking/hiking, archaeological and wine and cheese tours to let you discover the most authentic life and nature of this part of the island, away from the usual tourist paths.


Stunning view above the Gulf of Alghero, Sardinia.


Discover the real Sardinia in one trip! Explore the hinterland and the surrounding of Alghero on paths away from the busy tourist routes and immerse yourself in a very different atmosphere from those of the Catalan town and its beaches.

During your tour:

♦ Admire nature, breathtaking landscapes and wild animals.

♦ Go along the ancient streets of shepherds on board our jeep.

♦ Discover the island’s flora up close and its traditional and magical uses in Sardinia.

♦ Immerse yourself in the traces of the famous but still mysterious Nuragic civilisation.

♦ Try to spot whit us the majestic lords of the wind, the Griffins.

♦ Relax on a secluded beach tasting 2 local wines, Sardinian salami, pecorino cheese and Carasau bread.



Sardinia is famous for its extraordinary archaeology. The most mysterious period is the Nuragic, which left behind incredible pieces of evidence of its civilization: not just Nuraghe, that is, but also giants’ tombs, sacred springs, and Domus de Jana.

NaturAlghero offers you archaeological itineraries to let you know some of the more incredible prehistoric and historic realities of Alghero.

Anghelu Ruju is the second underground necropolis of Sardinia. It was excavated beginning in the third millennium BC and it has been used until the Roman period. It contains 37 tombs, sculpted with structures that recall the homes of living and with numerous magic and religious symbols.

Palmavera, situated inside the Porto Conte Regional Park, is a wonderful example of a Nuragic village. It was developed in 1500 BC. The site includes a closed Nuraghe, circumscribed by a large barbican, and a village with about fifty huts. One of the more notable huts is that of the Reunions, which had both civil and religious functions.



The regional park of Porto Conte, the Geo-Mineralogical-Environmental Park of Sardinia, the reserve of Mount Minerva and the Motresta crest are just some of the places where you can learn another way of travelling: a slow walk, more or less challenging, to discover the beauty of an area, its history and its most hidden aspects.

We will guide you on little-known trails, reaching the starting point by jeep; from there we will start the walk, hike, or climb, along the route chosen together with you, based on your skills and desires.

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