gabriella la manna-progetto natura
Gabriella La Manna | Progetto Natura

The President

I am a marine biologist. I have a II level University Master Degree in "Conservation of animal biodiversity, management of protected areas and ecological networks" and a PhD in Behavioural Biology. I have worked at the International Centre for Bioacoustic and Environmental Research (University of Pavia). I have been the scientific director of the Dolphins Research Centre of Lampedusa (CTS Ambiente). In Sardinia, I have worked as a scientific consultant at the National Parks of La Maddalena Archipelago and Asinara Island and for the University of Sassari as a research fellow and professor of the behavioural ecology of cetaceans. Together with Francesco and Fabio, I founded MareTerra Group. I am scientific consultant for the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia - Isola Piana and co-founder and president of MareTerra NGO. I am a diving instructor, a certified interpretive and nature guide, a sailor and a freediver. I love scientific research and yoga.

Francesco Peretti-Progetto Natura
Francesco Peretti | Progetto Natura

The Big Eyes

I studied Economics and, from an early age, I have had a great passion for business. In 2000, I started my career as a businessman with a service company for the tourism industry. Some years later, I managed a music club to favour the discovery and expression of young artists and musicians. Together with Fabio and Gabriella, I founded MareTerra Group. I come from Barbagia, the heart of Sardinia, so I’m a passionate and profound connoisseur of my land, its nature, its traditions, culture, food and wine. I use my skills as a communicator to make people fall in love with Sardinia. My favourite targets are children and young, thanks to my experience as a pedagogical animator. I’m passionate about the off-road and an experienced driver. I am the co-founder of MareTerra NGO, covering the role of field assistant for all data collection activities. I am a certified interpretive and nature guide, a sailor, a freediver and a lifeguard. My passions are the sea, music and wine.

Fabio Ronchetti | Progetto Natura

The Anchorman

I am a naturalist and an ethologist. Together with Gabriella and Francesco, I founded MareTerra Group. I have a II level University Master Degree in "Techniques for Environmental Assessment and Planning" from the Politecnico di Torino. I am an environmental expert in Ecolabel certifications. As a field assistant, I worked at the Dolphin Research Center of Lampedusa (CTS Ambiente). I have an in-depth knowledge of Geographic Information Systems I use daily for research activities. I am the co-founder and associate researcher of MareTerra NGO. I have been an environmental educator in schools, companies, parks and nature reserves. I continue to exercise the role of teacher and trainer for institutions, students, associations and freelancers. I am a certified interpretive and nature guide, a sailor, a freediver and a lifeguard. My passions are technology, cinema and reading.