Scientific research

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A day as a researcher in Alghero, Sardinia

During the tours, our boats are "opportunistic platforms" of scientific data collection thanks to the presence on board of the scientists of MareTerra Onlus. In this way, we can logistically support the research activities that MareTerra carries out with to study and protect the marine environment. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with Acampora Travel and Tui Group, a part of the ticket paid by our guests is donated to MareTerra Onlus to further support their projects.

Research projects supported by Progetto Natura:

We warmly thank everyone who will come on board with Progetto Natura. It will be one more chance for researchers to gather valuable information.

The interaction on board between MareTerra Onlus researchers and people is a central value. This allows us to provide correct information on dolphins and the threats they are facing. We spread the culture of respect for the marine environment by sharing a unique and exciting experience (each sighting is different from any other) and a simple communication within everyone's reach.