Our commitment to sustainability

Ecotourism is a responsible way of travelling, in which tourists visit a foreign country while preserving and respecting the natural environment and the local culture, by supporting local economy and projects for the conservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage.

We offer tours in full respect of the rules of ecotourism. We are committed in making sustainable our activities both from an environmental and a social point of view.

During the tours:

  1. We sail slowly to reduce fuel use and CO2 production.

  2. The boat engines are modern and they have been silenced to reduce the emission of underwater noise.

  3. We voluntarily adopt the ACCOBAMS International Code of Conduct (see below) for the approach to dolphins to minimise the risk of disturbance.

  4. We pay great attention to anchoring in order to avoid damaging the seabed, especially the Posidonia meadows.

  5. For the aperitifs on board, we never use non-recyclable materials.

  6. We wash our boats avoiding waste of water and we only use biodegradable washing products.

  7. To support the Sardinian economy we offer our guests only local food and wine.

  8. Our staff are all experienced local guides.

In office:

  1. We prefer, whenever possible, to reduce the use of paper in favour of electronic formats.

  2. Electric energy is precious, so we try to take all possible measures to reduce its use.


Code of conduct- 6 knots when within 150 m;

- Do not approach from directly behind or head on;

- Kept at 50 m away;

- No rapid changes in speed or rapid changes in direction to be predictable;

- Do not cut them off or chase;

- Do not separate mothers and calves;

- Allow the dolphins to choose to approach the boat.